The words “Surprise Me!”

Surprise me, please

I am an organized person. My father would say: “A place for everything and everything in its place”. I like my life orderly and predictable – at least I think I do but I know I often fail and then try to wrestle my life into the order I want. It’s really about control. I want everything to go the way I want.

Recently, I heard someone relate a story about a friend who was very controlling, especially around events that they were responsible for at work. I too had been responsible for many years for large events and would get totally stressed out and irritable thinking that would ensure that the event went off with no mistakes or problems. I made the experience not very enjoyable for all the people I worked with and even many guests.

The person shared with me that their friend wanted to let go of the overly controlling way they were and so asked God to help. The prayer was: “Please surprise me”. What they were asking for was to let go of the outcome and trust. Trust that God would take care of the event and that it wasn’t all up to the planner. The surprise would be to leave room for a – well – surprise!

So, I recently tried the prayer. I had a very important meeting with someone I cared about. We had hurt each other badly over several years and were meeting to try to make amends and apologies to each other. I knew what I hoped for. I wanted to listen and to share myself without expectations of how it would all turn out. I sat in my car before the meeting and meditated. Just before I got out of the car, I said out loud: “God, Please, surprise me, thank you”.

We were to meet for an hour or so. It turned into 5 hours of real connection and deep sharing of so many things. We both took responsibility for the hurt we each had contributed to the breach in our relationship. We talked and walked and even had lunch together. It was a miracle, a God Shot experience. We hugged as we said goodbye knowing that we were open to a new kind of friendship.

As I got to my car, I realized that I had been given my surprise! I had forgotten all about my prayer from earlier in the day and all I knew was that a surprise miracle had happened and I said again, “Thank you”.

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